What are Cafés Baqué’s new compostable capsules all about?

Because Cafés Baqué is committed to protecting the environment we launched a 100% compostable capsule into the market. In optimal compostable conditions, in terms of humidity, temperature and oxygen levels, these capsules can completely decompose in just 3 months without leaving behind any residual waste. Cafés Baqué is committed to this innovative solution that contributes to eliminating the negative impact plastic and aluminium are having on our planet.

How has this capsule improved on the previous compostable capsules?

The new design and material of the capsule improves coffee extraction, so that you may enjoy the aroma, flavour and creaminess of your Baqué coffee even more. The capsules are also compatible with all Nespresso coffee machines.

What is the difference between Cafés Baqué’s compostable capsules and other compostable capsules on the market?

The technology and capsules Cafés Baqué is using are capable of maintaining all the flavour and aroma of our coffee thanks to the barrier effect they create that effectively isolates and protects the coffee from any invasive agent. For this reason, no additional packaging is necessary, which is not true for other brands that sell compostable capsules, and, as a result, we also contribute to a reduction in the amount of solid waste that is being generated.

What do you mean when you say that Cafés Baqué’s compostable capsules create a barrier effect?

Our capsules are far more innovative than other compostable capsules due to the fact that the barrier materials they are made up of completely block the transfer of oxygen from the outside, thereby avoiding the oxidisation of the coffee on the inside, which is what happens with other types of compostable capsules.

What is the difference between compostable capsules and biodegradable capsules?

A biodegradable product can disintegrate when in contact with the outside environment, but it does not necessarily turn into compost. A compostable capsule not only biodegrades but also decomposes into compost, that is to say, it breaks down when in contact with other food waste and turns into compost or fertiliser.

Where can I dispose of a compostable capsule?

Cafés Baqué’s new compostable capsules completely decompose without leaving any residual waste in just 3 months in optimal compostable conditions in terms of humidity, temperature and oxygen levels. They break down into compost or fertiliser which means you can dispose of them in your food waste bin (brown caddy or bin), or, alternatively, they can be placed in the rubbish bin.

How do Cafés Baqué’s new compostable capsules help protect the environment?

Cafés Baqué’s compostable capsules completely decompose in just 3 months from the time you dispose of them. This is far less than aluminium capsules that take up to 200 years to disintegrate or plastic ones that take up to 500 years.

Is it better for the environment to use compostable capsules instead of just recycling plastic or aluminium capsules?

Because these compostable capsules completely decompose into compost, the amount of solid waste that goes to rubbish tips or is burned is reduced, which also contributes to avoiding soil contamination and the gas emissions that the breaking down of waste can cause. So, in essence, compostable capsules help to close the food waste loop as well as recover and recycle natural resources.

Which coffee machines can I use the new compostable capsules in?

Cafés Baqué’s new compostable capsules are compatible with all Nespresso®* coffee machines that are made for use in the home. If you have any questions about compatibility please contact us at baque@baque.com.

Will my coffee machine be damaged if I use Nespresso®* compatible capsules?

No, absolutely not. In a study carried out by the Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (organisation for the protection of consumers and end users) using two Nespresso®* brand machines, it was determined that the coffee machines were not subject to any damage through the use of compatible capsules manufactured by other brands.

How should compostable capsules be stored?

Cafés Baqué’s new compostable capsules don’t need any additional packaging in order to keep the coffee fresh and ready to consume. You can store them the same way you have been in a cool and dry place.

What is the expiration date for Cafés Baqué’s compostable capsules?

The best before date is printed on the back of the box and it is usually set to 18 months from the time the product was manufactured, which is the time the optimal conservation of the product can be guaranteed.

* Company brand that is not related to Cafés Baqué S.L.U. Recognition and brands with a commercial logo.